Water Park Facilities: How to Maintain Water Slides


Waterslides can be seen in those water parks. This is a water park facility that tourists like very much. So how to maintain the water slide? The Water Slide Manufacturer will show you.

1. When not in use, please use a plastic sheet or coarse cloth to cover to prevent the water slide from aging and fading caused by ultraviolet radiation

2. Check the link regularly

3. Regularly check whether the paint layer on the surface of metal parts is replaced and faded.

4. Regularly organize safety inspections. If there is water, sand, etc. on the slide, it must be cleaned and polished in time.

5. Before opening, please check the Water Slide to see if there are any exposed sharp edges, sharp corners, burrs and water leakage.

6. Whether the water treatment equipment is normal, please ensure the lubricating water and water supply in the sink…

7. Check the load-bearing regularly to see if there are cracks and bending deformations.

The above is an introduction to the Water Park Facilities, I hope it will be helpful to everyone

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