【Successful Cases】Hebei Handan-Zhao Wang Happy Water World

Zhao Wang Joy City is located in the south side of East Lake Park in Guangping County, Handan, with leisure, entertainment and catering facilities such as water park, tsunami pool, outdoor rafting, children’s theme park, horse-riding field, small train around the lake, tropical botanical garden, yurt, farmhouse, dessert theme restaurant and large conference center. All the amusement facilities of Water World Phase II are provided by Guangdong DaLang Water Park Equipment Co.

PART 1●Net popular pink beach●


PART 2●Tsunami pool for decompression●


PART 3●Devil fish slide●

The star project of the park: the devil fish slide is peculiarly shaped, like a deep-sea swordfish, standing angles, wandering in the body of the devil fish, a huge sense of joy to stimulate visitors to constantly group challenge! Warm tip: light weight generally sit in front.


PART 4 ● Rainbow slide ●


PART 5●Roundabout●


PART 6 ● Adventure Water Castle ●

A friendly reminder, you should pay attention to the water barrel above, who knows which time it will flip?


PART 7 ● Entertainment without limits ●


PART 8 ● Water Play Plaza ●

Here, GuangDong DaLang Group wishes: Zhao Wang Happy Water World, business is booming!

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