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Escape Waterpark

The longest water slide in the world comes to Malaysia Penang theme park. The Escape WaterPark in Teluk Bahng, Penang, Malaysia is an adventure park featuring outdoor adventures. The park can be divided into two different types of outdoor activities: Adventureplay Park and Waterplay Park.Visitors can experience two different kinds of outdoor extreme adventures, land and water, in this theme park. It is definitely one of the holy places to…

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Tube Trek Water Park

On March 25, 2017, Tube Trek Water Park, Chiang Mai’s first large-scale water park, officially opened for visitors, which is also the largest water park in northern Taipei.The park perfect combination of star space series as the theme,Guangzhou Dalang Water Park Equipment Co., Ltd. provides one-stop services for planning, design, equipment production, installation and so on.It combines super impact with color, while interstellar, space, Trek and other elements of ingenious…

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Hawai Water Park Malang

“ Hawai Water Park Malang” is located in Malang, Indonesia. Total area is about 35000㎡. And total invest is 5.5 million dollars. It was already opened at July 18th, 2015. It has brought infinite pleasure for the surrounding people and other foreign tourists. It includeds thewave pool, Hawaii water house, 6 lane octopus slide, lazy river, kiddy pool etc.

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