China’s First Home-made Thrill-ride Competitive Slide Approved for Operation!


Yesterday, the thrilling wave combination slide (Patent No. ZL202122013692.1), customized by Guangdong DaLang Water Park Equipment Co. for Guangdong – Merrill Lake Happy Water World, successfully passed the type test of the National Institute of Special Inspection. This means that this industry’s new customized competitive slide will be officially opened to visitors at the opening of the Dragon Boat Festival.


This is China’s first set of collaborative, competitive as one of the split rail domestic water slide, one into two out, one ladder for two uses, by the head of the water slide manufacturing enterprises – Big Wave Group for the Merrill Lake Happy Water World brand new build.

The slide is named “shocking combination”, up to 21 meters high, the overall shape is unique, the central as if the deep sea swordfish general standing angles. 4 people in a group by raft, after a long black hole slide to the mouth of the cliff and then swoop down, power potential energy enough tourists will rush up the python cylinder, to get a longer track experience;. Visitors with less kinetic energy will enter a short slide and end the slide early.

Because of the uncertainty of winning or losing each team, visitors will line up again and again to replay, experience different fun, and have fun in the unknown challenge, triggering the amount of likes from visitors’ friends group!


In the unity of all DaLang people and cohesive innovation, the group has once again taken the lead in the industry to realize the localization of this competitive slide, and continue to unswervingly practice DaLang’s corporate culture values and promote the forward development of China’s water amusement industry!

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