Mandalay Bay Resort Water_Up Paradise

Mandalay is the second largest city in Myanmar, with a total resident population of 1.7 million. It is the economic, cultural and transportation center of the central region, which is in the dry zone all year round and the temperature starts to rise from April every year, making it the first choice for customers investing in the construction of water parks.

At present, the water park equipment in the park is equipped with: exciting water dragon, hump slide, bouncing high-speed slide, claw fish slide, and the large water wall integrated into the theme of Marvel, etc. The water amusement equipment makes the visitors’ adrenaline soar all the time. The project was developed by Guangdong Big Wave Water Park.

Ltd. is responsible for the full design, equipment manufacturing and installation construction. As a new project that has just landed, it will bow|lead the new trend of Mandalay Bay resort tourism. Create a tropical style water adventure world, experience screaming, excitement, passion and speed in the water.

(Big wave for MANDAL AY WATERBOOM designed the secret adventure water wall, into the comic book theme style packaging, let us together look forward to its stunning debut)

According to the investor, the water park was originally planned to open in April 2020, in view of the current foreign epidemic is relatively serious, the park will additionally choose a more suitable time to open for business again, in order to is to bring visitors the safest, most joyful and enjoyable water experience.

As one of the projects to be opened abroad in 2020, Mandalay Water Cube & Mandalay Bay Resort Water Park will be unveiled soon. Let’s look forward to the opening of the project!

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