Guangxi Baise Xinghe Water World

The heat has quietly invaded, our big Xinghe is rushing to the rescue! We don’t worry about the heat this summer, the best summer vacation resort in Baise is waiting for you! What are you waiting for?

Baise Xinghe water park is by Guangzhou big wave water park equipment Co., Ltd. pre-planning and design, equipment manufacturing, construction drawings of the production, and with foreign counterparts well-known company to build. The total investment in the water park is more than 300 million, covering an area of 100,000 m2, all-round construction of comprehensive tourism and leisure, special industries, quality service of the whole tourism scenic area, will create a leading southwest, Guangxi first water world.

As a new generation of water theme park, the park adopts a one-ticket play system. Not only can you enjoy the 22 top water park equipment, but also enjoy the large exotic performances, participate in the rich and colorful festivals, and enjoy the water park. Colorful festival activities, more enjoy the professional, value-added service system. Here are the largest tuba slide in Guangxi, the highest water roller coaster in the southwest, single, double, four people of different There are also moderate and large water equipment suitable for family visitors such as wave pool, drift river, water cottage and early fountain.

And now, the construction of Baise Xinghe Water Park is nearing its end! Big Star River will be opened at the end of May… Looking forward to the new experience of the Big Star River to visitors, to enjoy the speed and passion of the water world! Whether you are a child, an old man or a young man, you can find your own water world. Take action now…

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