Henan Xuchang Rebecca Water Park

Rebecca Joy Park covers an area of about 1,000 acres, and aims to build a comprehensive city park integrating ecological wetland, tourism, leisure and sports, etc. It consists of three major parts: Rebecca Water World, Becca Kingdom, YOYO Street, and is divided into four themes of “swimming, leisure, play, fun”, for different ages, different types of tourists can find in the Rebecca Fun Park After the completion of the project, it will create another iconic tourism card for Xuchang.

Ltd. design and construction, covers an area of about 50,000 square meters, the number of visitors in more than 5,000 people, will be the future Yu South of the largest water park. The water world as a whole to the world famous book “One Thousand and One Nights” story as the cultural background, planning “parent-child joy area, entertainment and leisure area, thrilling area” three major areas. One Thousand and One Nights water play area, Mediterranean Sea wave pool, Hurricane Bay adventure area, etc.

Rebecca Joy Park Water World has dozens of large water entertainment projects such as Aden Tsunami, Euphratha Water Village, Long Sedon Bowl, Doha Slide and so on, exploring the exciting world of the sea together. The world of the sea. In addition to the thrill of the day game, the night game is more joyful, with a dynamic and powerful music stage, water screen movie and the perfect integration of the super tsunami.

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