Dao Phu Quoc water park, Vietnam

Vietnam water park in Dao Phu Quoc opened in November 15, 2014. Water Park covers an area of about 50,000 square meters, is a resort, hotels, golf courses and other supporting comprehensive water park.Among them, the project has a variety of large-scale water park equipment, such as loudspeaker slides, giant beast bowl slides, family joy slides and large Hawaiian water stockades, spiral combination slides, wave pools, water equipment and so on.As the first large-scale water amusement park project for our company to enter the Vietnam market, this project has an epoch-making significance to the big wave. Dalang provides a series of services for the Fuguo Island Water Paradise project, from the early planning and design, to the production of construction drawings, equipment production, engineering guidance, installation and commissioning operation.

Vietnam’s Fukuo Island Water Paradise project has successfully entered the Vietnamese market and received excellent response.

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