Escape Waterpark

The longest water slide in the world comes to Malaysia Penang theme park.

The Escape WaterPark in Teluk Bahng, Penang, Malaysia is an adventure park featuring outdoor adventures. The park can be divided into two different types of outdoor activities: Adventureplay Park and Waterplay Park.Visitors can experience two different kinds of outdoor extreme adventures, land and water, in this theme park. It is definitely one of the holy places to visit Penang. All the entertainment facilities in Escape Park are great for a family of all ages ~and a large group of friends and colleagues to join in ~not only to build up physical courage, but also to enhance feelings in play. Next time you come to Penang, don’t dare to come to Escape Park to challenge your limits besides eating and taking pictures.

In order to attract more outdoor enthusiasts to explore the excitement, Escape Park has added a new water entertainment facility (provided by Guangdong Dalang Water Park Equipment Co., Ltd.), allowing visitors to experience both land and water exciting outdoor activities at the same time!

Escape Waterpark has officially opened on December 16, 2017. Aquatic Park has a series of interesting water recreation facilities and activities, fast or slow, high or low, all available! There are so many choices for water speed slides alone, such as Banana Flip, Family Twister, Mega Drop, Speed Racer, Super Looper, and so on. It’s sure to be fun!

If you don’t want to play too exciting activities, the park also has a lot of leisure water activities,fun level is not inferior to exciting water activities! Other water activities include outdoor activities like AK Academy, Dunk Tank, Lazy River, Play House and Tots Pool.

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