Tube Trek Water Park

On March 25, 2017, Tube Trek Water Park, Chiang Mai’s first large-scale water park, officially opened for visitors, which is also the largest water park in northern Taipei.The park perfect combination of star space series as the theme,Guangzhou Dalang Water Park Equipment Co., Ltd. provides one-stop services for planning, design, equipment production, installation and so on.It combines super impact with color, while interstellar, space, Trek and other elements of ingenious integration into the park and amusement facilities, such a super shock space theme water park will become the best new place to play in Chiang Mai.

Tube Trek Water Park is located in the famous Bo Sang Village in Chiang Mai, less than 15 axes away from the ancient city of Chiang Mai. It is very convenient to travel. You can experience all kinds of fun here.


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