Safety First – How to Guarantee the Proper Operation of a Water Amusement Facility

Recently Dalang attended the Asian Cultural Tourism Industry Development Conference in Guangzhou. The vice general manager and Chief Technology Officer from the Dalang Group, Mr Yao Shunxi presented a speech about water park safety called ‘Safety First – How to Guarantee the Proper operation of a Water Amusement Facility’. Let’s take a look at the summary of his amazing speech.

Mr Yao introduced that safety has been a crucial element the industry focuses on in the last few years. Through the effort from the entire industry, we have successfully minimised the amount of accident to five, and none of them was severe. For water park facilities specifically in this entertainment industry, many water parks will be facing their first ten years of operation, and their equipment requires proper maintenance or replacement very soon to ensure safety better.

Happy comes after being absolutely safe

We all understand that the entertainment industry has fierce competition currently, and many first parties come to us looking for creating some of the most innovative and exciting projects. Dalang welcomes new challenges; however, safety is not going anywhere and still the priority when we design our products and meet strict safety standards.

To answer the trend of being innovative as well as the increasing difficulty in risk control, the 2017’s Recreation Facility Rick Assessment (GB/T34371) and the 2018’s Water Park Facility General Technology Application (GB/T 18168-2017) were launched. They offer some new limitations to the industry when manufacturing these special products.

In terms of production, Dalang employs a technology called ‘five-axis numerical control’ which is a representation of increasing safety. Such a technique can improve the precision to 0.01 mm, which ensures all models are molded precisely. Furthermore, we use MADIS and other software to analyse our quality when manufacturing and installing to maximise our safety ratings.

Professionalism is critical

Investing in a water park must be partnering with those who have certificates in special equipment manufacturing and installation; this must be the very first precondition. This is no joke as any new products from this industry must be authenticated and tested. Any first-party who ignore this rule is possible to be banned and forced to close the park.

To ensure we have a proper location for product testings, Dalang owns a 5000 square meters testing zone for trying out newly created products.

Daily operation

Employment with certificates for the industry is a must, and all our operators and safety officers must have corresponding credentials for them to be in the position.

Furthermore, education is another factor to refine our daily, weekly, monthly and annual inspection to minimise any underlying risks in the facility. The development of a contingency plan is suggested, and staff should rehearse the process regularly so that they can be trained to handle real situations.

National supervision and management

Law and regulation are critical, and all parties should follow the rules written in the book. For those slides, such as glass slides and concrete slide which are not explicitly included and instructed, self-regulation is essential, and the government should fill these gaps as soon as possible.


At the end of the speech, Mr Yao has called on the designing, manufacturing and operating parties that, all three units should cooperate and build a safe environment for our water park industry. We should let our tourist be ‘happy to visit, fun to play, and safe to leave’.

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