Party Day on July 1st | The Brilliance of Communist Party Shines on My Heart

Never forget the original ambition and firmly remember the mission.


The Party’s Day

The party is a group created for the sake of the people and for national construction and development; the party is diligent and honest, loves the people, and always puts the interests of the people first; during the century-long journey, the Communist Party of China led the Chinese people and created a miracle that shocked the world.


The country is prosperous

Today, the country is prosperous and the people are prosperous. However, we will not forget that the Communist Party of China, which brings us happiness and joy, is the one who helped us at the most helpless time of the people.


Glorious course

After a hundred years of unremitting struggle, in the great practice of revolution, construction, and reform, the Communist Party of China has constantly carried forward the great party-building spirit, formed a series of great spirits, constructed the spiritual pedigree of the Chinese Communists, and tempered a distinct political character.


Seize the present

Review the glorious course of the party, feel the difficulty of the history of the party’s struggle, deepen our feelings and understanding of the party, and better understand the party’s purposes, principles and policies and devote ourselves to socialist construction. Do not forget the original ideal and ambition, remember the mission is the belief that we have always adhered to.


The Party’s Day

Without the Communist Party, there would be no new China.
Without the Communist Party, there would be no happy life for people.
On this special day of every year.
We have every reason to understand how he grew up.
Enhance one’s national pride and self-esteem.
Dedicate one’s strength to the rise of Chinese nation.
Party Building Day on July 1st.
May the Party be brilliant forever.
Wish the people of the motherland rich and strong!

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