Improving Tourist Experience by Innovation of Water Park Products

In summer, a large number of people tend to go to big water parks instead of staying in an air-conditioned room to chill out. Thus, many big water parks catch chances and dominate the market rapidly. Up to now, various water parks are satisfying current requirements. It is crucial for water park products to keep innovating to improve the tourist experience in this growth industry. Three aspects of innovation for your reference are followed.



When it comes to the theme of a water park, the culture and story behind the water park do matter a lot.

Most children go to Disneyland because of the yearning for the world depicted in fairy tales. They enjoy their time being with the prince and princess coming out from the stories. And the same is true for water park products. The story based on the culture will make a water park different from the rest and bring spiritual resonance to the visitors.

It is necessary to keep an eye on the current popular stories and make it become its theme through innovation. A fantastic theme of a water park not only drives tourists to integrate into the stories but also brings them an unforgettable experience in the process of playing.


Safety has always been a problem for the water park industry. Although the production technology of water park equipment is getting continuous improvement, there are still accidents caused by some unavoidable security flaws. That reminds us of some measures on the innovation of safety. 

Usually, there should be sufficient life-saving personnel and equipment, ensuring the safety of tourists. That is not a perfect security measure, though. It may take too much time to get help from the staff after shouting for help. A better solution is to equip every visitor with a device that can be used to contact with lifeguards quickly. The device can be such kind of smart product that provides the exact position and alarm functionality. Something like wristband could be the right choice for its design. 


The demand for cultural tourism products has changed from “no” to “good or bad” stage, so we must realize the importance of science and technology in the reform and innovation of the amusement industry. 

On the one hand, it can bring a seismic change to improve the management system through technological innovation. Through recognition of face and fingerprint, it can reduce the queuing time. A wristband with a special two-dimensional code is suggested when tourists enter the park. For that, tourists can scan the code directly to recharge, and the money can be used for all the consumption in the park, free of the shackles of mobile phones and cash.

An app that consists of several functions is highly applied in tourist attractions. Visitors need to download the app to complete everything, including ticket purchase, navigation, and video shooting. It is convenient for tourists who come to play for the first time. Making friends is available on this social platform, which creates secondary consumption. 


On the other hand, innovation in facilities could make the water park more attractive to visitors. Resettlement of innovative water amusement facilities and the supply of diversified entertainment projects enable tourists to enjoy the entertainment of water a lot. A Fiberglass rainbow water slide will bring the joy of thrilling bumps and highspeed. And a Python water slide will leave unforgettable memories for players in a steep dropdown. 

Dalang provides you with various water park products such as water slide, wave pool, water playground, and so on. We are a water park equipment manufacturer aiming to create a new landmark in the water park manufacturing industry. 

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