Kerry Bay, Liuzhou——China

The Kerry Bay Water Park opened grandly on August 3! In just a few days, the daily flow has exceeded 10,000 people.

Liuzhou Keli Bay Water Park is located on Jiuziling Avenue, Yufeng District, Liuzhou City. Liudong Avenue on the south side connects to the main urban area, adjacent to Shankun and Liunan Expressways. The park covers an area of ​​about 120 acres and is a water entertainment center. It is a large-scale theme water park featuring theme construction, integrating water entertainment, cultural performances, and leisure facilities.


On the day of the opening of the park, Tang Liping, deputy director of the Liuzhou Municipal Tourism Development Committee, delivered a speech. He mentioned that Liudong New Area, as an important area for Liuzhou’s construction of “focused eastward expansion”, is the new core of economic development and growth in Guangxi Autonomous Region. The creation of Kerry Bay Water Park has further promoted the construction of urban infrastructure and the upgrading of surrounding industries, further enriched urban tourism methods and improved urban tourism structure.

The surrounding water entertainment facilities and catering and accommodation facilities of Keli Bay Water Park are complete, including Carle Planet Theme Park, Ramada Hotel in Liuzhou, Dongcheng Yahe Hotel, Shishang Street, etc., which provide convenience for tourists from afar. The entire operation cycle of the water park has a variety of exciting programs and a wide variety of programs. In August, there is a Mediterranean Bikini Carnival, and foreign bikini girls stage sexy sambas; in September, there will be a weekend DJ music festival, an unusual weekend and an unusual Kerry Bay. Waves in the Liwan Wave Pool; October Water Splashing Carnival allows visitors to experience a different water carnival.

Keli Bay Water Park is invested by Guangxi Liuzhou Dongcheng Investment and Development Group Co., Ltd., and its subsidiary Liuzhou Dongcheng Land Development Co., Ltd. is constructed and operated. The water park equipment is provided by Guangdong Dalang Water Park Equipment Co., Ltd. It is a water park with Liuzhou characteristics. The creation of the Mediterranean theme water park Cree Bay Water Park can not only provide tourists in Liuzhou and surrounding areas with rich and interesting urban travel methods, but also increase the visibility of Liuzhou’s city, form a unique urban tourism brand image, and improve Urban tourism structure. Just like the homonym of Liuzhou dialect in the origin of the name “Keri Bay”, “Go there to play”, when it comes to where to go this summer, Kerry Bay Water Park will be a new place full of expectations.



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