Inner Mongolia Birch Forest Water Park——China


In order to escape the freezing winter, everyone began to look for a holiday resort suitable for winter. Linhu Stormwater World’s built-in water park equipment can provide visitors with year-round, full-indoor, full-temperature, and all-weather water recreation experience. It is the best choice for winter leisure and vacation: with a different kind of winter scenery, walking through it, just like In the fairy tale kingdom, the warm spring water makes people feel warm.

Linhu Storm Water World is provided by Guangdong Dalang Water Park Equipment Co., Ltd. for water park planning and design, water park supply equipment, water park construction and installation, and water park project acceptance. The water world breaks the seasonal constraints of water entertainment. Stepping into it makes people feel like walking into another world. It is easy to move, easy to move and static. The unique interior garden design creates a kind of space away from dust and returning to nature. New way of life.

water entertainment facilities provide more choices for party activities. Whether it is crowd games or single-person activities, this can satisfy you; party leisure At time, strolling with your friends, one step at a time, the garden-style design makes you feel like you are truly in the green jungle, allowing you to enjoy the comfort and beauty brought by the beautiful scenery and fresh air. There are also various autumn dry and rocking chairs placed aside, waiting for your visit. After soaking in the soup, drinking tea and chatting, enjoying the beauty of this winter, mind and body and nature-the same fun, away from the city noise, enjoy The clearness of nature…


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