Dalang – the Chinese amusement product quality award!

On March 17, 2018, the 4th Ferris Award Ceremony for China’s Amusement Industry sponsored by China Amusement Parks Association was grandly opened at the National Convention Center. Since the first “Ferris Award” was held in 2015, the Ferris Award has been successfully held four times, known as the “Oscar” of China’s amusement industry, Guangdong Dalang Water Park Equipment Co., Ltd. and its growth together won the fourth Ferris Award

“Ferris Award” is the first award in China’s amusement industry to conduct a comprehensive review of product quality, brand concept and comprehensive strength with the participation of the whole industry.Through careful organization of the selection activities, layers of screening, select the industry benchmark and leader, encourage enterprise brand building and innovation development, enhance the overall level of development of the industry.

Guangdong Dalang Water Park Equipment Co., Ltd. won the “China amusement product quality award”.


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