Baise Xinghe water park won the “most popular water park

On March 17, 2018, in the “Ferris Award” award competition honored as the “Oscar of China’s amusement industry”, the Baise Xinghe Water Paradise, which is planned, planned and operated by Shenzhen Huachuang Zhicheng, is provided with equipment manufacturing and installation services by Guangdong Dalang Water Paradise Equipment Co., Ltd. for its international and local operation. The model has won the most popular water park award in China and has become the only water theme park in Guangxi and even southwest China.

Ferris Award — “Oscar” in China’s amusement circle

Founded in 2015, the Ferris Award is recognized as the most important award for the amusement industry. It aims to commend the excellent amusement parks, planning and design, amusement facilities and other facilities in China’s tourism industry to encourage enterprises to enhance brand awareness and promote the healthy development of China’s tourism industry.

The Star River Water Paradise, which won the “China’s Most Popular Water Paradise Award” this time, is a key water theme brand project created by Baise Zhidong Literature Travel and a key project of “rebuilding a new Baise city”.This international pleasure exploring water world has been built up, and has been well received by tourists.Star River also stands out from nearly 500 water amusement parks across the country, and is among the top 10 of the “Ferris Awards” to provide a new water experience area.


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