2018 Golden tripod award The only award-winning company in domestic


Sponsored by Zhongshan International Game and Entertainment Expo, the “Golden Tripod Award” of the 2018 Zhongshan International Game and Entertainment Expo, which was strongly supported by the Zhongshan Culture, Radio, Film and Television Press and Publication Bureau, after two and a half months of intense competition, through registration, screening, voting, and evaluation. 50 representatives of the indoor and outdoor paradise, 10 industry and cultural experts and the public jury participated in the event, and finally selected 12 “Golden Ding Awards” this year.


During the event, it received extensive attention and enthusiastic participation from the industry. It also received strong support and high attention from the industry media. The participation of the public voting was unprecedentedly high, which made the “Golden Tripod Award” selection activity a complete success.


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