A much-anticipated current project from Dalang

Dalang participates in the development of Long Zhi Meng Water Park in Taihu, Zhejiang

With the leading technologies, abundant experience and superior quality in being a water park entertainment supplier, Dalang announced to take part in one of the most anticipated projects in 2019 – the water park in the Long Zhi Meng Resort in Taihu, Zhejiang.

Long Zhi Meng (Chinese name: 龙之梦) in English means the dragon’s dream, which has already been fully reflected by the size of both financial investment and resource usage in this project. Twenty billion Chines RMB will be put into the development of this project; meanwhile, it takes 11600 acres of land for the entire resort, which is twice as big as the Shanghai Disneyland and five times the size of the Hangzhou Hello Kitty theme park.

The resort will be separated into various zones, such as the Taihu Ancient Town, water park, wetland park, ocean world and many more. The goal is to involve nine significant leisure functions, which are ‘eat, accommodation, travel, transportation, shopping, entertainment, learning, education, and development’, into one huge area.  

The water park of Long Zhi Meng will be one of its best attraction which involves both indoor and outdoor amusements. The water park consists of 18 thousand square meters of indoor area with 120 thousand square meters of the outdoor zone. It is Dalang’s honour to participate in such a massive project.

With thorough discussion and communication between Dalang and Shanghai Summit Group, two companies were able to exchange ideas and reach consensus for this project successfully. Dalang was assigned to be fully responsible for designing, planning, manufacturing, and installing all the water park entertainment. Currently, Dalang is already in the installation stage, and everything will be ready with exceptional quality soon.

Not only the traditional water slides will be presented in this park, but also some of Dalang latest and most advanced products, such as the Water Roller Coaster Water Slide, Super Trumpet, and various kinds of wave pools. Visitors will not only experience excitement themselves but engage in interaction with friends and families. It will be a journey no one should miss, and Dalang welcomes you to visit the water park to experience the world’s leading water park entertainment!

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