A Successful Project From Dalang – FULI Round Trip Water Park

Dalang has been partnering with some of the best real estate brands in China for developing the best water park experience. This year is no exception, and Dalang teamed up with one of the most influential property development group in South China – FULI (as known as R&F Group) – for building up the FULI Round Trip Water Park.

This water park is in the FULI Travel and Leisure Resort in Huizhou. This resort sits right at the centre of one of the most famous international attraction area in China – Xun Liao Bay, where has over 20 kilometres of coastline. The R&F Group invested over fifty billion RMB in this resort where integrates four primary leisure elements – ‘eat, drink, play, fun, and being healthy’.  

The resort includes various distinct areas, and the FULI Round Trip Water Park is one of the remarkable projects, and it was fully responsible by the Dalang Group. We were entirely in charge of planning, designing, supplying equipment, installation and after-sale service for this water park.  

Dalang is confident to offer the best quality and experience of our products. The overall idea of this water park revolved around ‘being relaxed, close to nature, leisure, have fun and being cultural’, and the goal is to create a not only internationalised but also diversified vocational life.

With more and more experience in designing and executing projects, Dalang is confident to be even better in the future. We hope to be your partner in developing more leisure facilities all over the world and spread the positive and happy feeling to others.

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