A successful case sharing from Dalang—Rebecca Amusement Park in Xuchang, China

In 2018, a whole new amusement park was launched in Xuchang, Henan Province, China, and has received positive feedback from both local and non-local visitors. It’s called Rebecca Amusement Park.

The Rebecca Amusement Park has the size around 1,000 acres, and it focuses on developing a comprehensive metropolitan park that includes wetland ecology, natural sightseeing and leisure activities. This amusement park consists of the Rebecca Water Park, the kingdom of Bei Ka, and the YOYO Street; furthermore, it has four primary themes when establishing this facility, which are travel, leisure, play, and fun. Each area is designed to cater to various visitors group so that everyone can have a great time here.

Dalang is proud of and very exciting in being involved in this Xuchang’s landmark project and was entirely responsible for developing the entertainments in the Rebecca Water Park. The entire section is around 50,000 square meters, and the overall design background revolves around the world classic The Thousand and One Nights. Moreover, the water park has three zones according to its functions, which are parent-child fun area, entertainment area and adventure area. The total tourist capacity can reach over 5,000 at a time.

For this fantastic project, Dalang places some of their most iconic water amusements in it. For instance, the Tsunami Wave Pool and Pythons Water Slide can surely provide visitors with an unforgettable, exciting experience. There are other dozens of entertainment available inside the Rebecca Amusement Park, there must be one that can interest you.

Besides the excitement offered during the day, Dalang also planned and put other enjoyable projects for the night. A dynamic music stage and water-screen film can be perfectly combined with our wave pool, which creates another brand new experience for the tourists.  

The Rebecca Amusement Park was opened on June 10th, 2018. Dalang welcomes all of you to come and experience our unique water park journey with the world’s leading facility and comfortable environment.

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