Dalang Charity Foundation-2021 Respect for the Elderly Activity


The cold current keeps coming, but care never stops, like a warm sun, shining on you and me. In order to promote the fine tradition of respecting the elderly, on the morning of January 15, Dalang Charity Foundation “2021 Respect for the Elders” was held in Dalang Qingyuan R&D and manufacturing base.

The Dalang Charity Foundation was formally established on November 28, 2018. It is mainly used by Dalang Group to “respect the elderly, respect the elderly, respect education, and help the poor”. If conditions permit, it will also conduct charitable activities for the society, reflecting the company’s Social value.

“Dalang Charity Foundation” Vice Chairman Yang Ping, Chairman Zhao Shiyang, and Guangdong Dalang Water Park Equipment Co., Ltd. Director and Deputy Chief Executive Li Yixin distributed gifts and red envelopes to representatives of employees’ family members

“Dalang Charity Foundation” Chairman Zhao Shiyang delivered a speech

Mr. Zhao Shiyang, Chairman of Dalang Charity Foundation, said at the event that “Dalang Group has been insisting on holding “Respect and Respect the Old” activities since 2011. Whether it is a group or an individual, Dalang’s internal and external charity activities have been continuous and will continue Go on! Finally, I wish the old people good health and all the best!”

Employees’ family members receive and distribute gifts and red envelopes on behalf of the elderly

“Mo Dao Sangyu evening, the sky is full of sunshine”, all the staff of Dalang Group wish all the elderly people in the world health and longevity, family happiness, and family happiness!

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