Staff Demeanor | 2020 Dalang Group Badminton Friendly Match Ended Successfully

Healthy sports, bright future! In order to enrich the staff’s cultural and sports life, improve their awareness of physical fitness, and stimulate their enthusiasm for work, the “2020 Dalang Group Badminton Friendly Game” organized by the company’s administrative department was successfully concluded. Nearly 20 contestants from various subsidiaries of the group, after preliminaries and finals, decided the championship, second and third place.


The final was held at 2 o’clock this afternoon in the indoor badminton court on the second floor of the B2 plant of Dalang R&D and manufacturing base. Although the sky was light rain, it did not affect the enthusiasm of the players. Mr. He Zhixiong, Chairman of Dalang Group, attended the opening ceremony of the final on behalf of the board of directors. He Dong pointed out in his speech that this badminton competition was held under the tenet of Dalang Group to work happily and live happily. Players should follow the principles of safety first, friendship second, and competition third. Through badminton activities, publicity The spirit of sunshine sports and unity and cooperation will continue to create a positive corporate atmosphere, and I wish this badminton game a complete success!

In this badminton doubles match, the top three were finally decided through the elimination system. The competition was conducted in a warm and friendly atmosphere, and the contestants were full of energy and spirits. During the game, their flexible movements and skilled skills greeted bursts of applause. In the end, after fierce competition, the championship was won by Li Yixin and Li Xiaodan, and the second and third places were won by He Weibin, Lin Yanfang, He Weibin and Li Yunnian respectively.

(The demeanor of the finalists)

He Yuansheng, CEO of Dalang Group, presented awards to the champion group (Li Yixin, Li Xiaodan)

He Yuansheng, CEO of Dalang Group, presented awards to the runner-up group (He Weibin, Lin Yanfang)

Bai Jun, head of technology of Guangdong Dalang, presented awards to the second runner-up group (He Weibin, Li Yunnian)

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