Never Forget the Original Intention, Rain or Shine With the Sea [Dalang Group] 22nd Anniversary Celebration Symposium

Since its establishment on May 12, 1999, DALONG has experienced an extraordinary 22 years of spring and autumn, and today DALONG Group has welcomed its 22nd birthday, and today the executives and important managers of DALONG Group gathered together to witness the growth of DALONG for 22 years.

As the founder of the company, Mr. He Dong said: Looking back on the 20 years of wind and rain, there are a lot of thoughts and feelings, the only way to understand is to walk through! Thank you for the joint efforts of Big Wave people and the support and help of the community.

The chairman shared the main content:
First, the basic situation of the group.
Second, the group’s core values.
Three, the culture of their own cultivation.
Four, the concept of cooperation in August 1.

The leaders of each group company, introduced the recent situation of each company and sent the most sincere blessings to the group’s birthday, while thanking the group has been giving support and help to each company, and said that they will work together to make the contribution of each company for the continuous development of the group.

At the end of the seminar, Chairman He Zhixiong concluded
In 2021
is the 100th year anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China.
is the opening year of the national 14th Five-Year Plan.
is the year of integration and change in the development of tourism business.
China’s tourism business will usher in another spring of high quality development.
It will also usher in another spring of the development of the business of Dalang.
All colleagues of DALONG Group will join hands together.
Work together for the prosperity of international tourism amusement business and strive!

All colleagues wish.
Happy 22nd birthday!
Wish Dalang’s tomorrow will be more brilliant!

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