[Adhering to the spirit of craftsmanship to create quality projects] Guangdong Dalang won several awards of the 2021 Craft Pool Award!

On May 12, the 2021 [Craftsman Pool Award] Pool, Spa and Water Park TOP 10 Creative Design and Engineering Case Award Ceremony, jointly organized by Asia Construction Technology Alliance Association, Guangdong Hongwei International Exhibition Group Co. Creative design and engineering case award ceremony was officially launched in Guangzhou Canton Fair Complex.
The “Artisan Pool Award” is one of the most well-known and authoritative classic selection activities in the pool SPA industry. The event is dedicated to comprehensively displaying the brand image, design concept and quality construction skills of enterprises in the pool SPA industry, helping high-quality cases to play the charm of design and construction, becoming role models, leading industry exchanges and development, and promoting the pool SPA industry to maturity.

The selection is a combination of online voting and expert reviews, in order to select the industry representative, high popularity of the excellent engineering cases, need to strictly through the market selection combined with professional testing of the double screening, reflecting the professional standard of the selection activities and the industry’s advanced and representative.

Ltd. as a well-known brand of water amusement equipment, with super strength once again to the industry experts unanimous recognition and affirmation of the craftsmanship project, won a number of awards.
Among them, the awards won by Big Wave are
Excellent Engineer
Excellent design unit
Top 10 engineering cases of water park
Excellent design case of water park
Ltd. once again thanked the organizers and the expert jury for the recognition and honor, we will adhere to the “treat people with sincerity, and the implementation of the letter” spirit of enterprise. 22 years on the road of brand development, big wave can get many honors, without the trust and support of the industry. In the future, let us continue to move forward together!

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