Water Park Development Trend

In the past ten years of development of water parks, in addition to people’s yearning for a better life, investors have also put forward more and higher demands on the industry. Moreover, it is not easy to find suitable investment channels, so whether practitioners, investors, or builders are all digging their heads and trying their best to make the project more distinctive. But most of the views and ideas are from their own perspective:

(1) If it is a gold mine in the water park at night; of course, the equipment manufacturer believes that the new park must have new products;

(2) The theme packaging of water parks is the first choice for differentiated competition, etc.; it is not difficult to see that these arguments are indeed very practical for water parks, but they cannot be copied for every project.

Because of the different conditions of the project, how can it be possible to solve all the problems in one way? To use an analogy: can the water park in the city center and the water park in the suburbs in the scenic area use the same method to invest in construction and operation?

And we have also recently discovered that many new ideas of theme parks are consistent with our thinking direction, such as:

1. The opening of Yinji Animal Kingdom in July will overturn the traditional zoo;

2. The cost of 35 billion super playground + shopping center;

3. Future urban complex: park + commerce.

From these points of view, it proves once again that integration is a necessary trend for development. Everyone knows that we are now growing in an era of innovation, cross-border, and integration. The Internet and the Internet of Things have given us unlimited imagination. All industries seem to be shattered and reorganized. We see that in industry competition, sometimes you may have been eliminated without even knowing your competitors. In this era, if you do not change, you will fail, and if you do not improve, you will be eliminated.

So how will the water park develop in the future? Next, I think the water park will have the following four trends:

Trend 1: Convergence

How can water parks be integrated? I personally think that this problem should be considered from two aspects: the first format is the integration of projects and projects; such as the combination of water parks and land parks, ice and snow world, ocean world, hot springs, hotels, etc., because everyone can develop through the past few years. It can be seen that it is difficult to operate a single water park away from the city center. But if you add other formats, it does meet modern consumer demand and can generate catalysts. At present, the integration of some projects on the market has produced obvious effects. For example, the combination of hot springs and indoor parks + water parks can solve the four-season operation. The second format is the integration of formats in the park; the location of the future water park is of course the first important factor. Themed culture, IP, and intelligent operation are indispensable. If this area can only operate a single water park, then the park equipment Integration is very important. In the future, water parks will no longer be like traditional water parks. In addition to the above-mentioned appearance and content of traditional parks, many integrated products will be implanted, such as non-powered equipment, video games and e-sports equipment. Of course, the more important thing is that the future water park must fully consider online sales, and spread the online celebrity check-in project through the network platform. Only in this way, these projects will be easier to operate and promote our market.

The second trend: urbanization, small and medium-sized

The market in Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities is becoming saturated, the demand of Tier 3 and Tier 4 urban residents has become the mainstream market, and the mainstream industry market is gradually urbanizing and becoming small and medium. Based on the development of the water park over the past ten years and the situation of this epidemic, I think there will be many small and sophisticated products in the city’s central shopping center. The reason is that after the first epidemic, people will think more about the impact of dense populations on health; the rapid development of the second real estate, the commercial development of many cities is impacted by online businesses, leaving a lot of resources to find breakthroughs, they will speed up and play in the water The connection to the paradise.

The third trend: more and more indoor water parks

In the future, there will be more and more indoor water parks, people’s consumption habits will also change, and more and more people will go to swimming pool water parks in winter.

The fourth trend: parent-child, interaction and theme, focus on experience and intelligence

There will also be more and more parks of this kind, with parent-child, interaction and themes focusing on the sense of experience.


1. The growth rate of the industry has gradually decreased, and the overall period has moved from a period of rapid development to a period of steady and mature.

2. Form a complex holiday complex with hot springs, skiing, land parks and other business formats to meet the correspondingly more diversified market demand. Many integrated products will be implanted in the future water parks, such as passive equipment, video games and e-sports equipment.

3. The market in first- and second-tier cities is becoming saturated, the demand of third- and fourth-tier urban residents has become the mainstream market, and the mainstream industry market is gradually urbanized and small and medium-sized.

4. There will be more and more indoor water parks, which are operated in all seasons and can be played throughout the year.

5. Family parent-child projects conform to market development, interactive and thematic, humane and intelligent.

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