Super Large Indoor Constant Temperature Water Park–Xinjiang Di Anchor – Hot Island Paradise


The world’s largest indoor water park, the grand opening!

Year-round constant temperature summer not afraid of the sun, winter not afraid of cold

Let the children always like the summer sprinkled

You can experience the fun of playing water here all year round

Xinjiang Emperor Anchor – Hot Island Paradise is an indoor water theme park built according to the national 5A scenic spot standard, located at No.1 Hutubi Street, Kuitun City, which runs round the clock all year round, with constant temperature in all seasons and a construction area of 150,000 square meters. The water park is provided with a full set of equipment by Guangdong Big Wave Water Park Equipment Co., Ltd. and covers an area of 26,000 square meters. Featuring 5,000 square meters of dining and 350 rooms, it is a large urban complex integrating swimming, entertainment, shopping, food and lodging.

Water park projects include wave pool, drift river, Amazon style water wall, super tuba slide, big sliding slide, high-speed fast ladder, rainbow race slide, big loop slide, children’s water play equipment, indoor and outdoor hot springs and more than ten kinds of water play projects.

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