What Makes A Water Park Great and Engaging?

In a world where guests are constantly demanding more leisure time, venues that provide fun and entertainment need to go above and beyond to ensure they provide memorable experiences that keep guests patronizing. Both indoor and outdoor water parks face challenges in these areas. While all water parks are different, there are some standard systems that should be implemented. Our team discusses some of the key points in planning a water park.


Obviously, the slides, rides and attractions are important. But that’s not where it ends. There’s a lot more at play here than just imagining the craziest slides. We want to make this park accessible to everyone who wants to enjoy it. If the slides aren’t worth the wait, then you’ll see them used less and less, and people won’t stay as long.
The ideal water park will have a healthy mix of “mild to wild” slides, as well as classic unique twists and turns, and an unparalleled children’s area.


When it comes to sales, water parks need to do more than just provide amenities for their guests. They need to be convenient and strategically placed so that guests are most likely to see them, walk up to them or into them, and make a purchase. Whether it’s snacks, meals or memories, if your waterpark doesn’t make shopping from these stores as easy as possible from the start, then you’re wasting potential and money.
By paying special attention to ancillary areas throughout the facility, your guests will feel comfortable staying longer.

twist-like water slide


In the hospitality industry, quality service is our first language. The needs of the guest come before everything else, and creating an environment where guests can relax and have fun is the primary concern of the staff. With such a large number of people, it can be difficult to create a personalized experience for each guest, but make it a priority for staff training to ensure that each guest is not only helped, but served to the best of their ability. Your waterpark’s reputation and guest return depends on top-notch service.

The right management team can have an extraordinary impact. You can have the best waterpark imaginable on paper and in person, but if it is not properly managed and maintained, it will never reach its maximum potential. Well-managed maintenance, finance and marketing efforts will ensure the long-term success of your waterpark and make it a vital part of your community for years to come.


With so many waterparks opening across the country, we often see many waterparks that have been sold or closed too early. You must plan and modify your waterpark thoroughly and carefully before the shovel hits the ground.
Programming must match the community’s identity and target demographic and provide the ideal attraction for guests and families of all ages.
Layout must make each ancillary area, from the gift store to the bar to the arcade, as attractive and visible as possible.
The service provided by your waterpark staff must be welcoming and contribute to your waterpark’s efforts to create a relaxed and fun environment.

Finally, if you are looking for a partner company to get the full solution and site planning and facility purchase, please contact DALANG.

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