How to Optimize Water Recreation Equipment to Enhance the Visitor Experience

With the rapid development of the new century and the consumer concept of tourists, changes in consumer groups will change the water entertainment equipment industry. Prompting the development of water parks to diversification, how to optimize water park equipment to enhance the visitor experience, thereby improving the income of investors and allowing investors to make more money. Today GUANGDONG DALANG WATER PARK EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD give you a lesson.
Water entertainment equipment as a hardware guarantee for the operation of the water park, the development of new products or upgrade existing products will become an inevitable trend. In the future, water park facilities will be upgraded in terms of type, model, theme, technology, etc., to provide visitors with a more extreme experience.

First, optimize the diversity of dynamic models

With the increase in demand for experience, slides with free fall can no longer meet the needs of tourists. At this stage, tourists prefer to choose rafts as sliding tools, choose more patterns, different types of slide combinations, to bring more exciting experiences to tourists.

Second, optimize the theme of the water park

Consumers want the playground has a rich background story, and water park equipment can be bought. The theme is ever-changing. Can be based on the local humanities background, determine the different themes, not only to promote the local cultural development, but also to enhance the cultural atmosphere of the water park and increase the highlights. Thus the purpose of increasing passenger flow. For example, the Tai’an area can plan and design a playground with the theme of Mount Tai.

water park slide super trumpet

Third, optimize a variety of water park facilities

The current water park not only focus on the pursuit of “faster, more exciting”, because in recent years the positioning of the water park has undergone significant changes, from the beginning of the young people as the target customers, so that the current target customers diversified.
The family-friendly customer base has increased significantly, and the park is also considering adding a “family interaction” product category to focus on family groups. This requires the water park is equipped with more fun, leisure, interactive, leisure slides and children’s water entertainment equipment, such as trumpet slide, auger slide, etc..

Fourth, optimize the intelligent interactive projects

Water park facilities have automatic service systems, such as slide traffic management and sensing systems, timing systems, control switches, special effects and a combination of media elements, including audio-visual effects and enhanced virtual reality effects, so that visitors can be exposed.

Water Roller Coaster

Fifth, the appropriate inclusion of some high-tech technology

In the face of market segmentation, the combination of multifunctional market environment, and the impact of the wave of intelligence. The equipment of the water park should also adapt to the current situation. For example, new playground equipment and virtual reality technology, through virtual reality scenario equipment to give visitors a good experience. Water park facilities combined with a variety of intelligent devices, through the smart wearable devices worn by visitors, the physical characteristics of visitors with the strength of the mobile wave pool.

Dalang WATER PARK EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD focus on amusement park equipment update, broaden the thinking, keep up with the trend of the times, combined with a number of integrated technology means. Please send us a message to get cooperation. We are committed to designing and developing the first line of new amusement products in the market.

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