Planning and Preparation for the Construction of Water Parks

Water parks have become a popular leisure and entertainment destination in recent years, and their popularity has naturally attracted the attention of some investors, who are planning to join the construction of water parks.If you want to stand out among the many water parks, you need to prepare and plan well in advance. Guangdong Dalang Water Amusement Park Equipment Co.,Ltd as a professional water amusement equipment supplier, we suggest some basic ideas for you to consider.

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1,Site and size selection

When planning and designing a water park, you should first consider the location of the water park and try to choose a place with more convenient transportation. The size of the water park should be based on the local passenger flow, consumption levels, their own investment amount and management team to determine, do not simply imitate, blind investment.


2,Water treatment equipment

Water park every day the flow of people will be very large, the water quality is prone to rapid turbidity deterioration, so it is necessary to regularly update the water park for water. But if you rely solely on water to maintain water quality, every day to change thousands of tons of water, which is too wasteful of water resources.

Therefore, the configuration of water treatment equipment is very necessary, the main function of water treatment equipment is to circulate filtration and sterilization, to protect the clean and healthy water quality, no more frequent water changes, greatly reducing the cost of running the water park.


3, Comprehensive pipe network

For any large water park, a large number of pre-buried pipes is the entire project design and construction difficulties. Water park integrated pipe network design needs to pay attention to these points: the beginning of the design should be fully considered the location of the engine room and the direction and even depth of the pipe, in order to reduce the length of the pipe and the amount of excavation; as far as possible to reduce the distance of the gravity flow pipe to reduce the construction difficulty; various pipeline design must do pipeline synthesis, to avoid collision.


4, Equipment adaptability

The adaptability of the water park to the equipment is very strict. Family consumer groups account for the vast majority, you can reasonably configure the equipment according to the actual situation of consumer groups. At the same time, it can also be equipped with an indoor water park, which is not affected by water temperature, seasonality, weather and other factors. It can be operated for a long time and bring some income for investors.


5, Humanized planning

In the water park planning and design, investors must conduct certain surveys in the market to understand the preferences of local consumers and consumer fun. According to the survey, these factors can be added to the equipment configuration, so that the choice of equipment to cater to the preferences of the audience.

Children’s entertainment area

Children, as the main consumers of water parks, is the source of water park customers. Children’s entertainment area equipment should be mild swimming pools, training and teaching pools, children’s slides, water schematics and parent-child slide equipment or the appropriate combination of wave-making equipment to mobilize children to play with the water.

Adult recreation area

Considering the characteristics of the water environment for adults, it is recommended to plan a special adult recreation area. Adult area should be mainly equipped with swimming pools, more exciting slides, wave pools and relaxation facilities. It allows parents and friends to enjoy the summer leisure time while taking care of their children.

Comfortable rest area

A comfortable and neat rest area is especially important. People will certainly have a variety of cold drinks and snacks when they take a break. These expenses may seem modest, but only the investors themselves will carefully calculate the profits. Snacks and cold drinks are also one of the key items in a water park.



6, Equipment Safety

The safety of the water park equipment is a key factor in determining whether the water park will be able to operate properly. Every day, professional employees are required to check the equipment, to confirm that it is correct before the business. For some common anti-slip measures should also be in place, there may be dangerous places, people have to take into account in advance, and make timely treatment plan to ensure the personal safety of visitors in the experience process.

In addition, there are also enough lifeguards, always at the pool and deep water patrol, to avoid dangerous situations.


Investors who are interested in building water parks must first make an effort to focus on all aspects of the water park and grasp all aspects of the focus in order to make a significant profit. We look forward to giving consumers maximum safety and security, so that visitors have fun and play with confidence. Please contace Dalang here to get the designs and equipment quotes.

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