Some Rules You Need to Follow When Going to Water Park

Autumn is here, but the weather is still a bit hot. Some of you must have made plans to go to a water park by now. But before you put on your swimming costume and have fun, this is a must-read article. There’s no doubt that water parks are great fun, but to stay safe, here’s a list of things you must observe when visiting one.

Pack your bags

Don’t forget to pack your essentials for the waterpark. Some of the essentials include towels, swimming costumes, water goggles, sunscreen, spare clothes, body wash, moisturiser and a first aid kit. Bringing your own swimming costume is the best option, as swimming costumes there are often not washed properly.

Staying hydrated

Playing in the water and sunbathing all day can quickly dehydrate you. Therefore, you should drink plenty of water before entering the pool. Avoid sodas with artificial sweeteners or caffeine, as these can cause dehydration. Drinking water before and after going to the pool is also essential to avoid urinary tract infections. The water at water parks is very dirty, so even if you are on the verge of an infection, drinking plenty of water will flush these germs away.

Wear a life jacket

Wearing a life jacket is important: no matter how good a swimmer you are, never enter a pool without one. Remember that accidents happen suddenly.

Wearing sunscreen

Wear sunscreen: don’t forget to apply waterproof sunscreen before you enter the pool and reapply it after you get out of the water. If you are in the water for a period of time, the waterproof sunscreen has a duration of action of 80 minutes. It is also recommended to use a lip balm with SPF 15. Applying sunscreen correctly not only prevents tanning, but also prevents harmful UV rays from entering the skin.

Take a break

Don’t get too tired, otherwise you could accidentally fall in the pool and be dangerous. For this reason, continue to rest between activities. Get out of the pool, sit in the shade for 10 minutes and drink some water.

Rinsing before and after

Showering before and after entering the pool is of the utmost importance. The water in swimming pools contains high levels of chlorine. By showering before entering the pool you wash away all bacteria and sweat and do not make the pool any dirtier. If you shower after diving, you reduce the possibility of chemicals entering your skin pores.

Don’t run around

Don’t run around the pool: it’s never a safe idea to run around the pool. Running on slippery pavements can be dangerous for you and others. The act may even lead to broken bones.


Remember the rules and protect yourself. Guangdong DaLang Water Park welcome you!

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