What you need to know before investing in the water park

The water park is not only one of the most popular vacation paradises for all ages all over the world but also a wholesome place to learn and grow. It is a huge deal and inclusive business program with great profit-earning potential. Besides, it is a diverse deal and designed into any form and scale according to your budget and environment. Thus, there is no doubt that it is a great idea to invest in a water park. Here, this article is going to walk you through something you should know before investing in the water park.

Current situation and trend of water park market

With the emergence of the “water” theme park, almost every city’s water parks are in an “overload” state every summer, which has attracted more investors’ attention to investing in big water parks.

Water parks have become very hot since 2012. And 2012 to 2017 is the first booming period for this industry. The customer’s spend way to increase, especially on the unnecessary, which causes the continuing boom of the water park industry. 2017 to 2020 is another jumping period that will help the tourism industry greatly to develop.

What to consider when plan and design the investment of a water park

When planning and designing water parks, site selection should not be overlooked. We should know that the water park is not the bigger, the better. Its size should be decided according to the locally available passenger volume, consumption level, and its own management team, so we must not arbitrarily imitate and invest blindly. Moreover, the theme of the water park is the soul. Nowadays, the theme selection of water parks in the market is from the perspective, which is too much for novelty, rarity, and uniqueness. The introduction of water park equipment is not consistent with the theme, which is not advisable.

What’s more, the choice of water park theme should be determined by the market rather than by an expert or local resource. It is not easy to place local culture in the water theme park. The reason is that it does not have the radiant market force and the scale effect. The local customs and cultures are valuable and precious but do not have market effects. The theme of the water park project must be selected with the market potential, the market hot, and the tourists’ preference. In this way, to meet the market needs, the water park can continue to operate. 

What kind of water park equipment do you need to choose?

In the purchase of water recreation facilities, the first program of preparation, and the water park equipment market, the so-called children belong to their children’s pool, adults of some exciting rides more interested in, but also suitable for the family to play water park equipment. Then select the appropriate manufacturers to communicate is also crucial. It is better to investigate the production base of the manufacturer, whether it has the qualification of production, how the response of the production of water park equipment on the market, and finally implement the purchase plan.

The water park is a critical tourist site. Most recreational facilities are related to water, and there are various recreational facilities on the water, which belong to the recreational artificial tourist attractions. The water as the carrier, the water recreation facilities are incredibly critical. You could have a leisure space of creativity, utilization of water, and enjoy the rest time and the transfer function of the composite dynamic water adventure at the same time. Meanwhile, the theme park can create a romantic dream, and allow the tourist to experience the thrills, hot springs SPA, and other facilities included at the same time. Also, it provides entertainment and help public health to meet the various needs of individuals, family, group meetings and activities, and so on.

Threats and Challenges that water park investor facing

No matter how you confident about your business, you cannot avoid facing threats, challenges, and completion. You have to make proper preparation for it if you want to survive and be successful in the business. However, it is impossible to be 100% prepared. There must be threats and challenges we cannot think of, and we could not solve it. In this case, what we can do best is remain focused. Compete with the existing water parks, dealing with customers’ complain issues and their changing tastes and preference, consumers spending on this industry less due to the downturn of economic, government new policies on this industry, and so on are the threats and challenges the investors will face. Then the competition in this industry is fragmented to some degree. Top water parks, especially those who have branches, dominate the industry. But in most places, competition is on a local level amongst the existing water parks. So, it is necessary to choose an appropriate location to help you win in the competition. A place can be easily accessed and have visitors and tourists come from all over the country and the world would be your first choice if your vision is to build a world-class destination water park. Except for the threats and competition mentioned above, entertainment activities and alternative attractions are your water park’s competitors. You should be aware of your competitors so that you can catch up on what happened in this industry.

Development type of water park

According to the activity space, the water park is divided into three types: indoor, outdoor, and indoor and outdoor. 

The outdoor water park has less investment cost than an indoor type, but it can only be opened in summer. A case in point is Malaysia Penang theme park, an adventure park featuring outdoor adventures. It is also a successful case of the Dalang water park. The park can be divided into two different types of outdoor activities: Adventure Play Park and Waterplay Park. Visitors can experience two different kinds of outdoor extreme adventures, land and water. Indoor water park investment costs are relatively high. However, it is relatively broad in business hours, such as Beijing “Water Cube” leisure park, currently Asia’s largest and most advanced indoor water theme park, which can be operated full year. Indoor and outdoor composite type refers to the advantages of both indoor and outdoor types and the water park that can be used all year-round. For instance, Hot Spring Leisure City is an ecotype theme leisure water city, which integrates upscale business meetings, hot springs health care, and water carnival.

It was thought that the water park business was seasonal. Of course, it is good if you can start your water park in a place with favorable weather. But nowadays it has been not a limitation on this business anymore. Operators have many ways to retain and attract customers. Giving customers more perks, offering more value-added services, organize an activity in holidays and chilly days, set training class, and so on are the methods to ensure the revenues.

Now you might have more knowledge of the investment in the water park and become clearer of what to do. As for the recommendation, you should consider Dalang. Founded in 1999, Guangdong Dalang Water Amusement Park Equipment Co., Ltd is a subsidiary company of Dalang Group. Dalang manufacturing base is located in Guangzhou Industrial’ s Park, with intelligent, automated, modern as the standard. It uses the industry’s most advanced European five-axis CNC machine to make the mold and create a new landmark in the water park manufacturing industry. Hence, as for a start, Dalang would be the right choice.


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