What Can Water Park Owners Do as The Epidemic Wears Off

With the improvement of the epidemic, water parks are opened one by one. At the same time, the aquatic amenities in the water slide amusement park, especially the children playing area, undergo a strict safety and sanitation tests. To prepare for the test and meet the hygiene requirement, every water park owner should pay attention to the safety and sanitation conditions of the following aspects.

  • Children Sandpit

There is no doubt that sand is one of the most popular natural playthings for children. It plays a significant role in encouraging children’s amazing creativity, and thus triggers the creative idea of building an attractive children sandpit in a water slide amusement park.

However, other than the design and construction, the subsequent maintenance also requires considerable energy and effort. It is said that the microorganisms in the sand can neutralize the infectious bacteria automatically if the sand pool is in good condition. It means that the sandpit in a water slide amusement park should be placed in a high-ventilation area with sufficient sun exposure.

Meanwhile, it’s wise of you to set some nets to prevent animals or pets from entering the sand pool. Most importantly, regular cleaning and maintenance should be carried out to remove organic pollutants and other wastes. Frequent replacement of the sand is highly recommended.


  • Indoor Children’s Playground

Since the likelihood of cross-infection in indoor children’s playgrounds is higher than that in outdoor children playing areas, the sanitation and safety standard for your indoor playground is higher. If you want to meet that high standard, there are several tips for you.

For example, the floor of the water playground should be coated with some certain materials to increase friction and reduce tumble. As for entertainment equipment, it is a reasonable design and excellent safety performance that extend its service life and reinforce its popularity.

If you are a layman but want to purchase good-quality and appealing equipment for your water slide amusement park, don’t hesitate to turn to some professionals.

With 21-year experience in helping water slide amusement park owners to get off the ground, we can be a good option for you. As we establish a global business network these years, lots of unique and fascinating water slide amusement park equipment with great safety performance is created. For example, our Flower Spray for Children is widely recognized and highly acclaimed by many countries for its creative design and good performance.


  • Children’s Paddling Pool

Besides the sandpit and the playground, the paddling pool in a water slide amusement park also appeals to children. To take special care of these callow youths, the owner of the water slide amusement park should attach great importance to the following issues.

First of all, safety is the most basic prerequisite for every children’s paddling pool. Generally speaking, the depth of water in the pool must be within 30 centimeters when children are playing without careful supervision by their parents.

Secondly, good water quality is necessarily a guarantee of the hygiene of the pool. Whether the source is urban water or groundwater approved by the health department, the water in the water slide amusement park must be of nonhazardous quality.

In addition, every pool in the water slide amusement park is supposed to have a constant drain and needs to be cleaned regularly.

Children are the group easy to be infected with the virus, so as the epidemic wears off, the water park owners should pay due attention to the cleaning and disinfection of children’s play area.


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