Taihu Dragon Dream World——Zhejiang,China

Taihu Dragon Dream Water Play World

Not wet, not called childhood, not playing in water, not called summer

Taihu Dragon Dream Paradise

A “long-planned” water carnival

About to start shocking!

Hot summer and double love will come in this hot season

The water park is definitely a proper life extension artifact~

↓(Real shots of the Dragon Dream World of Water Play)

Taihu Dragon Dream Pleasure World is provided by Guangdong Dalang Water Park Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Guangdong Dalang) for water amusement equipment manufacturing and installation services. It is a comprehensive large-scale water park with indoor and outdoor characteristics, including about 18,000 indoor pavilions. Square meters, about 120,000 outdoor.Its scale is second to none in East China

Panoramic daytime aerial view of outdoor area

Guangdong Dalang, as the only equipment supplier in the Taihu Lake Dragon Dream Water Play World, provided the project with a closed loudspeaker slide, a snake group slide, a magic tunnel slide, a black hole slide, a magic flying carpet, a water roller coaster, and a giant Python Slide: 36 projects including Olympic slides, skateboarding, pool building, circulating rivers, etc., with novel equipment and rich play content, which will surely bring a brand new experience to tourists. Let us look forward to the birth of another large tourist resort!

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