[Love Helps Students, Dreams Go Forward] Dalang Charity Foundation Carries out Activities to Help Students!

On December 16, 2021, the Dalang Charity Foundation inherited the purpose of “helping students with love and building dreams” and organized members of the Foundation to visit Shitan Town Central Primary School in Qing Yuan City. In this activity, DaLang Charity Foundation donated 100 sets of adjustable study tables and chairs and 521 selected extracurricular reading books. Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of Shitan Town Government, Head of Vocational Education Section of Municipal Education Bureau, Head of Task Force in town An Peng, Principal of Shitan Town Central Primary School Li Guangjun, Chairman of Dalang Charity Foundation Zhao Shiyang, Vice Chairman of Dalang Charity Foundation Yang Ping and other government, school and foundation leaders and many loving people participated in the activity.

The event was hosted by the principal of the central elementary school, Li Guangjun. Principal Lai said: First of all, on behalf of the whole school, teachers and students expressed their heartfelt gratitude to DALANG Charity Foundation for their love and support. He also encouraged the students to study hard, be grateful, be self-reliant, repay the society and serve the country.

Zhao Shiyang, chairman of Dalang Charity Foundation, said that Dalang Charity Foundation is a loving platform to promote Chinese traditional virtues, practice social responsibility, transmit positive corporate energy and carry forward the cause of charity. He encouraged the students to study hard, change their lives and destinies through knowledge, and become pillars of society.


At the donation ceremony, members of the team of Dalang Charity Foundation presented 100 sets of adjustable tables and chairs to the school and sent the carefully selected books to the students, hoping that they could broaden their horizons through reading and gain knowledge and knowledge; let the children gain knowledge and happiness in reading; let the books accompany the children to grow up healthily and happily.

After the donation ceremony, Principal Lai took us to visit the whole campus of Shitan Town Center Primary School to learn about the special classroom of the school. The team of Big Wave Charity Foundation praised the students’ excellent works of imitation copper painting making and straw making, and gave them thumbs up and praise.

It takes ten yars to grow up a tree and it takes one hundred years to raise up a generation.

Students are the flowers of our country and the hope of our nation.

We are duty-bound and obliged to do a good job in helping students.

We will not forget our original intention! Dalang Charity Foundation will continue to contribute to the development of social charity!

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