Poseidon Palace Opens – Taihu Dragon Dream Water World Welcomes Another High Moment

In July 2021, the Dragon Dream Water World Poseidon Palace, built by Big Wave, was opened for trial operation, and this huge object full of dreamy underwater adventure stood on the north side of the water world, like a mysterious underwater palace, attracting the attention of countless visitors. The opening of the Poseidon Palace means that the Taihu Dragon Dream Water World officially crosses into four-season operation, enriching the seasonal tourism mode of the scenic spot and painting a colorful stroke to the Dragon Dream Paradise.

Taihu Dragon Dream Water World is an indoor and outdoor combination of large marine theme water park, is the star project of China’s theme amusement industry in recent years. The outdoor area is about 120,000 square meters, and the Poseidon Palace (indoor pavilion) is 18,000 square meters, which was put into operation last summer and July this year respectively. The Poseidon Palace was officially unveiled recently, so let’s go into the Dragon Dream Water World, hit the thrilling water rides and join the highest water electro party in Yangtze River Delta this summer!

Visitors in groups of 4 set sail from the 22-meter-high platform, shuttle through the black hole, wander in the tornado storm, scream with joy in the fast slide, slide out from indoors and back in, which can be experienced all year round, especially for visitors who are enthusiastic and like to experience novelty.

The upgraded version of the family raft slide! 4 people riding the raft slide, fast speed, many turns, as if falling into the time tunnel, bringing visitors thrilling experience and fun, all the way in the time tunnel speeding, suitable for joint experience with family and friends of the project. And spacious family, steep decline in high speed, single person sliding, for visitors to bring different feelings, teenage tourists happy.

In addition to playing with water to their heart’s content, Dragon Dream Water World, the major performing arts programs exciting titillation Warmly welcome friends from all walks of life to visit Longemont, play, visit!

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