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The spring breeze sends warmth, and it is once again the year of Pure Brightness. Pure Brightness Festival is both a traditional festival to send condolences and remember our ancestors, and an important time to fight against the epidemic. In order to have a healthy, safe, happy and fulfilling festival, DALANG group would like to ask you to cooperate closely and do the following.

Warm Tips

01, Prevent and control the epidemic well
During the holiday period, do not go to high-risk areas; take preventive and control measures when traveling, and make sure to follow the latest official travel prevention policy tips for personal health management after returning to Guangzhou. Minimize social activities, avoid gatherings, reduce unnecessary travel, try not to go to crowded areas, and pay attention to the prevention of influenza and other infectious diseases.

02 Advocate civilized mourning
Change the traditional way of mourning, you can use modern civilized way to express traditional feelings. Such as home memorials, family memorials, online memorials and other off-site rituals to remember the deceased.
We advocate the use of flowers, yellow ribbons and heartfelt cards to pay respects, and refuse to use fire to burn paper and incense, set off fireworks and other sacrificial acts that pose safety hazards.

Pure Brightness customs

Pure Brightness Festival, also known as March Festival, Ancestor Festival, QingMing Festival, etc., is both a natural festival point and a traditional festival. It is a fine tradition of the Chinese people since ancient times, which is not only conducive to promoting filial piety and kinship, awakening the common family memory, but also promoting the cohesion and identity of family members and even the nation.

01,Tomb sweeping and ancestor worship
It is written in ancient texts that “When the Pure Brightness Festival and the Frost Arrival Festival come in this year, people visit the cemetery and clean the tombstones, during which everyone wears white clothes, prepares wine, food, etc. for making offerings, and also prepares scissors for pruning branches and weeds, which is called tomb-sweeping.” Pure Brightness Festival tomb sweeping ancestors, before the Qin Dynasty, the Tang Dynasty began to flourish, and has been passed down to this day, expressing the filial piety of the worshipper and the feelings of missing the ancestors, is to remember the ancestors, respect for the ancestors, prudent to pursue the Chinese tradition.


02 Greening
Trekking has a long history in China. In ancient times, it was called spring exploration and spring hunting. Around Qingming, spring returns to the earth, which is a good time for trekking. During the Pure Brightness Festival, you can go to the nature to enjoy and appreciate the spring scenery, go on a green excursion, and feel the breath of life when everything is revived.


03 Kite Flying
Kite flying is one of the most popular activities in Pure Brightness Festival. In the ancient times, people flew kites up to the sky and then cut the strings and let the breeze send them to the ends of the earth, which is said to get rid of diseases and bring them good luck.

04 Willow cutting
The Pure Brightness Festival is the time when the willow trees sprout and turn green, and it is a folk custom to cut, wear and plant willows. As the willow turns green, people like to fold the willow and put it on their heads, or insert the willow branches in front of the house to prevent disturbance and ward off evil.


05 Eating Green Dumplings
Green dumplings have the symbolic meaning of commemorating the ancestors and reunion. Green dumplings are made by mixing the juice of mugwort into glutinous rice flour and then wrapping it with bean paste or lotus seed paste, which is not too sweet and has a light but long fragrance.


06 Tree Planting
Around Pure Brightness, when the spring sun shines and spring rain falls, saplings are planted with high survival rate and fast growth. Therefore, since ancient times, it has been the custom in China to plant trees at Pure Brightness. In the past, Pure Brightness Festival was also called “Tree Planting Festival”.


07 Swinging
Swing was first called “Chiaki”, and after the Han Dynasty, it became a folk game for the Pure Brightness Festival and other festivals such as Dragon Boat Festival and Cold Food Festival. Swinging was very popular in the Tang Dynasty, and became an important part of the Pure Brightness Festival customs.

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