The 23rd anniversary of DaLang Group

Since its establishment on May 12, 1999, DaLang has experienced an extraordinary 23 years of spring and autumn, and today DaLang Group welcomes its 23rd birthday. Today, the executives and important managers of DaLang Group gather together to witness the growth of DaLang Group for 23 years!


The symposium officially started after the airy national anthem was played, the chairman Mr. He Zhixiong reviewed the 23 years of DaLang’s wind and rain, and the achievements of DaLang in these three years of the epidemic.

Chairman of DaLang Group – Mr. Zhixiong He came on stage to give a speech▲

Mr.He shared

Mr. He pointed out that in the past three years, under the double influence of industry decline and epidemic, DaLang Group remembered and implemented the “gratitude, integrity, innovation, charity” culture of DaLang, actively caring for employees, giving back to society, shouldering the mission and responsibility of industry development, DaLang people and will continue to work hard for it!


1 Guangdong DaLang water park equipment limited company managing director – HeYuanSheng speech

2 Guangdong China Airlines Water Facilities Construction Co.

3 Guangzhou Zhicube Tourism Management Consulting Co.

4 General Manager of Guangdong Huiluo Water Amusement Products Co.

5 General Manager of Guangzhou Dalang Teng Yun Tourism Planning & Design Co.

6 DaLang Charity Foundation Chairman – Zhao Shiyang spoke

Managing Director of Hunan Amazon Tourism Investment Co.


Members of the Board of Directors and the heads of the companies spoke freely and expressed their insistence on the spirit of the concept of “one side of the resources, eight sides to share; one side of the request, eight sides to help”, trying to overcome the difficulties brought about by the epidemic, seize the opportunity, innovation and progress; in the critical period of the post-epidemic era to overcome difficulties, forge ahead and continue to promote the DaLang Group to In the critical period of the post-epidemic era, we will overcome difficulties and forge ahead, and continue to promote DALONG Group to the goal of “the leading one-stop comprehensive service enterprise of water park”.

The person in charge of each department of DaLang also offered sincere blessings to DaLang Group on its 23rd birthday. They recalled their “happy work and happy life” after joining DaLang and expressed their happiness and pride to witness the step-by-step development and growth of DaLang Group in the warm family of DaLang.


General Manager He Yansheng’s message

General Manager He Yansheng said that we should strengthen:

1、The cognition of the enterprise.

2、Cognition of the industry.

3、Judgment of the world situation.

4、Improve the sense of responsibility.

5、Innovate and seek changes, establish confidence, and wait for the spring flowers to bloom!


The meeting ended with the chairman’s summary

Chairman He summed up.

The long wind will break the waves, hang the clouds and sail the sea! The more difficult, the stronger!

Concluding remarks.

1、Unity and cohesion, to overcome the difficulties of the times.

2、Firm belief, waiting for the flower to bloom.

3、Everlasting, the mission to bear.

4、To achieve personal value of life and struggle! Strive for the prosperity of international tourism and amusement business!


The enterprises of DaLang International Group Co.

1、Guangdong DaLang Water Park Equipment Co.

2、Guangdong Zhonghang Water Facilities Construction Co.

3、Guangzhou Zhicube Tourism Management Consulting Co.

4、Guangzhou Dalang Teng Yun Tourism Planning and Design Co.

5、Hunan Amazon Tourism Investment Co.

6、Guangdong Huiluo Water Amusement Products Co.

7、Guangdong Neutral Investment Co.

8、Guangzhou Huizhi Intelligent Technology Co.

9、Guangzhou Guanghua Culture Communication Co.

10、Guangzhou Blue Lake Water Sports Equipment Co.

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