519 China Tourism Day “Happy China Cloud Tour” – Cheering for China’s Cultural Tourism

In order to implement the decision and deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on coordinating the prevention and control of the new pneumonia epidemic and economic and social development, and to implement the spirit of the Notice of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism on “China Tourism Day” activities in 2022, to further boost the confidence of industry development, to enhance the vitality of the cultural tourism market, to help the recovery and development of the cultural tourism market, and to show the industry This live event will involve representative cultural tourism projects from the red tourism, beautiful countryside, sports tourism, theme parks, tourist resorts, commercial districts, etc. The event will be held on May 19, 2022. Activity information is as follows.

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May 19, 10:00-19:30

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China Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions Online Live Streaming
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Organizer: China Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (CAAPA)

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New Shougang high-end industrial integrated service area

In 2010, Shougang was planned and renovated on the original industrial site after its relocation. The park covers an area of 2.96 square kilometers to create China’s first industrial heritage park featuring the cultural heritage of the iron and steel industry. Many complete steel industry production buildings have been preserved in the park, and today the century-old Shougang Park has become an industrial heritage park and is currently the most complete and largest steel industry production site in China.
Among them, the three blast furnaces have produced 33,263,500 tons of iron in 16 years and 5 months since they were put into operation on June 3, 1993. The three blast furnaces are the main windows of Shougang for external visitors. This time, after the transformation with industrial heritage protection, the three blast furnaces are magnificently transformed into high-end showgrounds and exhibition centers (science fiction convention, Beijing Fashion Week, Mercedes-Benz launch, etc.). Take the panoramic elevator to reach the top of the 40-meter hot blast furnace, which is normally closed, and look west at Shijingshan, south at the new Shougang Bridge, north at the office of the Winter Olympic Organizing Committee, and east at the iron-making area. Take the panoramic elevator again to reach the 70-meter glass stacks, which can look far into the whole Shijingshan District.


Yan’an Red Street

Yan’an Red Street is a large red-themed situational block that integrates multiple functions such as red tourism, red education, night tour and leisure, and entertainment experience. The project is located in Yan’an High-tech Zone, with the historical background of “13 years in Yan’an” of the Party Central Committee, restoring the architectural style of the old Yan’an City, the street area is 1.5 kilometers long, mainly consisting of 4 sections of red culture blocks and 5 red theme squares, including theme blocks, red lecture halls, immersive performance, shooting park, Long March Trail, kiln hotel, red training base, etc. The main components of the project include 4 sections of red culture blocks and 5 red theme squares, including theme blocks, red lecture halls, immersive performance, shooting park, Long March trail, kiln hotel, featured non-foreign heritage, red training base, etc. Through a full range of red culture empowerment and intelligent technology integration, it provides a series of quality cultural tourism products and services for tourists of different regions, ages and needs, such as innovative red training and study, immersive performance interaction, Shaanxi non-folklore experience, and fun water recreation. Yan’an Red Street is a red education dissemination place radiating nationwide, a collection of folk culture concentration in northern Shaanxi, and a special cultural tourism that meets the full experience of red culture for tourists from all over the world.


Dalian Tiger Beach Polar Pavilion

Dalian Tiger Beach Ocean Park is a modern marine theme park that showcases marine culture and highlights the characteristics of the seaside city, integrating sightseeing, entertainment, science popularization, shopping and culture. In May 2007, Dalian Tiger Beach Ocean Park was officially approved by the National Tourism Administration as one of the first AAAA tourist attractions. Dalian Tiger Beach Ocean Park Polar Pavilion has been officially opened to the general public since April 28, 2002, and is a modern marine theme park integrating marine animals, marine life, marine animal performances, marine amusement and marine science education.


Sun Island Scenic Area

Sun Island Scenic Area is located in Harbin City, the north bank of the Songhua River, is a national scenic spot, national AAAA-level tourist attractions, national water conservancy scenic area, national wetland park, national cultural industry demonstration base. The scenic area also has a rare urban center of the city river manhattan wetland landscape, plant and animal resources are very rich. The scenic area is equipped with flower garden, water pavilion cloudy sky, stupid bear park, sun waterfall, swan lake, squirrel island, deer park and other leisure and entertainment attractions. In the summer, the water and sky are in one color, the grass is long and the birds are flying, which is spectacular.


Wuhan Happy Valley

Wuhan Happy Valley, a large cultural theme park in central China, was built by OCT Group and opened in April 2012. The thrilling rides, colorful performances and exciting cultural festivals make Wuhan Happy Valley a “fashionable, dynamic and passionate” place to have fun in the bustling city. The park has set up more than 100 innovative entertainment experience projects, including more than 30 amusement experience equipments, such as the double dragon wooden roller coaster “Wooden Wing Double Dragon”, 720-degree circular roller coaster “Phoenix Dance”, as well as more than 40 ecological and humanistic landscapes, more than 10 cultural More than 40 ecological and humanistic landscapes, more than 10 cultural performances and more than 20 thematic entertainment games are available to illustrate the joy of diversity.


The large cosmic exploration theme park of Xiangyang OCT Fantasy Resort Fantasy Valley

Xiangyang OCT Fantasy Resort Fantasy Valley is the first cosmic exploration theme park in China, with a total investment of 4 billion yuan and an area of about 450,000 square meters. With the theme of “Parallel Space and Time, Cosmic Exploration”, Fantasy Valley integrates six tangible space-time themes with intangible virtual entertainment to create a parallel universe where space and time coexist, and to start a cosmic exploration journey of “venturing into the starry sea”. With international amusement equipment, immersive technology venues, wildlife theme area, marine animal world, exciting performances, original IP and special food business as the core, it creates a “one-stop” cosmic exploration style theme park.


Xiangjiang Joy City

Xiangjiang Joy City project is positioned as the first world-class mega innovative integrated cultural tourism industry project in Hunan. Covering an area of 1.6 square kilometers, with a construction area of 500,000 square meters and a total investment of about 12 billion yuan, it is the leading project of Da Wang Mountain Tourism Resort and has been listed as one of the “Nine Impossible Projects in the World” by Discovery Channel. From pollution to environmental protection, from mine pit to paradise, Xiangjiang Group, under the strategic planning of the province, city and the new area, is striving to build a benchmark of “two types”, and the former old industrial base is transformed and reborn, realizing the perfect integration of economic development and ecological protection.


Ganzhou Fantasia Oriental Desire

Fangte Oriental Wishing Dawn is a large high-tech theme park with red culture as its theme. With the background of the struggle of the Chinese nation over the past hundred years, the park has carefully planned six historical theme areas and used cutting-edge high technology to create a series of immersive and interactive red theme projects and special landscapes, interpreting the modern history of the Chinese nation’s quest for national independence and national rejuvenation, bringing visitors an unprecedented “new experience of red tourism”. 


Chinese Dinosaur Park

National 5A tourist attraction China Dinosaur Park was completed and opened to the public in September 2000, located in Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, Xinbei District, covering an area of about 550 acres, is a comprehensive theme park with dinosaurs as the theme, integrating museum, science popularization, entertainment, leisure and performance, and is known as “Jurassic of the East”. Inside the park, the Chinese Dinosaur Museum, Adventure Port, Rubula, Kukesuk, Magic Rainforest, Fantasy Manor, Crazy Dinosaur and Jurassic Water World, each uniquely created play area, more than 40 sets of experience programs, more than 60 performances throughout the day, and new theme activities bring visitors a constant surprise dinosaur theme play experience, and is one of the most popular national theme park brands in China.


Jinan Rongchuang Cultural Tourism City

Located in Licheng District of Jinan City, Jinan Rongchuang Cultural Tourism City covers an area of 2.36 million square meters and is a large-scale comprehensive cultural tourism project integrating commercial, hotel, entertainment and other businesses. The project brings together cultural tourism businesses such as Rongchuangmao, Rongchuang Paradise, Water World, Sea World, Sports World, Jinan Rongchuang International Sports Center, Conference Center and Hotel Group, aiming to promote the local culture of Jinan with entertainment as a carrier and create a special cultural tourism experience. experience.


Hongshan Forest Zoo

The Red Mountain Forest Zoo in Nanjing is an emerging net-acclaimed scenic spot, attracting tourists from all over the country because of its “animal-friendly” concept and loving and warm image. The unique forest resources have created a beautiful urban secret place for animals, with more than 3,000 rare wild animals from more than 260 species around the world living here. The newly renovated and upgraded Tiger House, Chinese Cat House, Native Species Conservation Area, Wolf House and more than 20 other exhibits bring visitors an immersive experience, build a platform for communication between humans and animals, and lay the foundation stone for “conservation education” with the impact and sensation brought by nature. The more than 200 educational activities with various themes every year make Red Mountain one of the most unique educational zoos in East China.

Nanjing Squirrel Tribe

Nanjing Squirrel Tribe is located in Nanjing Pukou District Tangquan Tourism Resort, backed by the old mountain, the location is unique, the natural environment is very beautiful, covers an area of more than 330,000 square meters, with six thematic sections of play, more than 50 popular amusement projects around the world, is an outdoor parent-child park growing in the natural ecology. The park is committed to building an ecological outdoor ecological, entertainment and educational space for education and fun, and creating a one-stop “light vacation” main park for urban families aged 3-12.


Huaian XiYou Park

Westward Journey Park is the first comprehensive theme park with the theme of Journey to the West at home and abroad, which is divided into 9 zones corresponding to the four continents, the four teachers and disciples and the author Wu Chengen in Journey to the West. With the rich entertainment elements hidden in “Journey to the West”, the project combines modern amusement equipment and performance experience, elaborately designing and building 42 amusement projects, as well as 46 ambient interpretation projects such as float parade and closed park show, presenting old scenes such as Mount Huaguo, Gaolaozhuang and Leiyin Temple with new technology in multiple dimensions, and building a first-class theme park integrating “entertainment, experience and technology”. “in one of the first-class theme park.


Yao Zhuang Jiang Xiao Orange Park

Jiang Xiaogang Land is a Netflix parent-child leisure resort complex located in Jiangjiagang Art Village, Yaozhuang Town, Jiashan County, Jiaxing City, covering an area of about 42 acres. Jiang Xiao Orange Park is an outdoor park with nature education and community interaction as its core, consisting of eight themed play areas: Magic Maze, Juice Castle, Passion Desert, Dinosaur Archaeology, Exploration Stream, Wetland Garden, Sunshine Lawn, and Flying Ant King Tent, which is a paradise for children to explore freely.


Chongqing Happy Valley

Chongqing Happy Valley is the world’s only mountain version of Happy Valley, a national 4A-level tourist attraction. Covering an area of about 500,000 square meters, it has six themed areas: Happy Hour, Superfly Training Camp, Marina Bay, Dinosaur Forest, Old Chongqing, and River Valley Mine Town.
The park has more than 100 amusement projects, including the sixth largest Ferris wheel in the world, the only mountain version of the flying wing roller coaster, the longest wooden roller coaster in the southwest, the first six-degree-of-freedom dynamic platform theater and other top international equipment. There are also performances such as Superfly theme parade, parent-child interactive drama and large-scale live interactive experience drama. There are also eight thematic festivals throughout the year, including the HVE Festival and the Halloween Festival.


Mianyang Fantasia Oriental Magic Painting

It combines the essence of China’s 5,000-year history and culture with the modern tourism industry. Through new content creativity, technical innovation and exquisite layout, the park innovatively renders the profound cultural connotation of Chinese history. By combining the classic projects and technical advantages of “Fantasia Oriental Magic”, the park combines myths and legends, historical stories, folk customs and Shu culture into one, with 11 themed indoor projects, 34 outdoor dynamic rides and more than 200 characteristic leisure landscapes.


Chongqing Rongchuang Cultural Tourism City

Chongqing Rongchuang Cultural Tourism City is a large-scale cultural tourism complex, covering an area of about 633,200 square meters, with a total investment of about 8.5 billion in the first phase, consisting of Chongqing Rongchuang Yule Town, Chongqing Rongchuang Water World, Chongqing Rongchuang Hot Snow Wonder, Chongqing Rongchuang Sea World, Chongqing Rongchuang Mao and Chongqing Rongchuang Hotel Group. It is a world-class one-stop micro-vacation destination.


Hong Ya Dong

The fifth floor project of Hongyadong and Reunion 1980 – Chongqing 80’s Life Context Block is themed “Hometown – Story, Chongqing – Reunion”, with Chongqing city atmosphere and old alley scene culture as the theme, and truly restores the 80’s and 90’s marketplace. The sixth floor project of Hongya Dong and the Dream Tour of the Twelve Scenes of Bayu – Light and Shadow Interactive Art Space takes the four seasons and the evolution of space in the past and present as clues, combined with immersive multimedia art installations, so that the whole experience space can be seen, heard, felt, and played interactively under the sound and light techniques.


National Beauty Water Park

It is the first large-scale outdoor water theme park in southwest China, with the overall style of Provence style and Mediterranean style in southern France.
The vacuum wave pool of 12,000 square meters can create the largest artificial waves in China, with a wave height of 3 meters; the “Montage Maelstrom”, which is 22 meters high and slides downward at great speed, instantly falling into the dream world; the 1-kilometer-long “Lele Navigation”, which is full of traversing colors; the 230-meter super water theme park in the world. “; 230 meters of the world’s super-long water slide, 5 hump ups and downs of the “apprehensive boat” and more than 10 thrilling water equipment.


Huanglongxi Happy Field

Huanglongxi Happy Field covers an area of more than 2,590 mu, mainly focusing on the idyllic scenery to create five fist products: idyllic interaction, idyllic cute pets, idyllic performance, idyllic wild lodging, idyllic water play, covering seven thematic areas, six children’s fun parent-child parks, nearly 10,000 square meters of the Longxi Valley large wild water play area, a combination of fun and water play, netflix projects, leisurely entertainment, immersion experience. Here, fruit trees can be seen in all seasons; more than 50 kinds of cute pets such as alpacas and giraffes stroll around leisurely; wonderful performing arts shows are staged one after another; there are jungle traversing, rainbow slide, star camping, romantic wilderness accommodation …… everyone can experience different natural wilderness here, which is a dream place for the whole family to go out.


Fuyoucheng-Lijiang Mediterranean International Resort

It is located in Lijiang City, Yunnan Province, south of Baisha Ancient Town and north of Yulong Snow Mountain, preserving the original ecological appearance of meadows, streams and trees, covering a total area of nearly 1,300 acres.

Combining with Lijiang’s natural endowment and relying on Fosun’s globalized FOLIDAY ecosystem resources, the project is dedicated to building five major segments: the natural idyllic theme Naxi manor, the cultural and artistic rich Lu Mei town, the domestic leading education and research camp, the internationally renowned Club Med Lijiang Resort, Lijiang Casa Cook Resort and the rich product line of vacation homes, with high-quality cultural and travel support to provide We provide global customers with quality travel and vacation experience.


Danzhai Wanda Town

Dantzhai Wanda Town is located in Dantzhai County, Guizhou Province, Southeast China. The town is composed of three blocks and four squares, with 8 national NFRs and 21 provincial NFRs. The town is built with Jinhua Hot Spring Hotel, Meihua Hotel, three small courtyards of NFRs, Wanda Cinema, town theater, the world’s largest waterwheel with a diameter of 26.8 meters, a glass suspension bridge with a length of 320 meters, water boats, fishing bases, a total of 338 stores and 212 brands, and is a town based on the traditional architectural style of Miao and Dong. It is an ethnic style town based on the traditional architecture of Miao and Dong, with the non-foreign heritage culture and Miao and Dong culture as the core, integrating food, accommodation, tourism, shopping, entertainment and education.


Guangzhou Junming Happy World

Guangzhou Junming Happy World is located in Guangzhou Zengcheng, covering an area of about 90,000 square meters, with a total construction area of about 180,000 square meters and about 1,600 motorized parking spaces; it has a super indoor amusement park in Asia: Guangzhou Huaxia Sega City Park, the world’s first “Crossfire: Battlefield of Fire” comprehensive park, as well as four major children’s castles, including Coco Land, Sonic the Hedgehog Land, Star Land and Handmade Planet, and a collection of four major animation, e-sports, etc. The theme hotel, 70+ food and beverage retail stores, 20+ Netflix card scenario devices, as well as the tide music factory, volume KTV and other fun support, is a real collection of amusement, shopping, food, night economy and other multiple scenes in one composite immersive cultural tourism business complex.

Starlord Camping Town

Located in Hengqin Guangdong-Macao Deep Cooperation Zone, Starlord Camping Town is positioned as an urban micro-vacation destination focusing on “natural growth”, with a special non-motorized park “Star Qi Tower Non-motorized World” using imported equipment and nearly 150 sets of distinctive accommodation units with different styles and wild fun. Since its opening in 2018, it has been awarded the “National Standard Pilot Verification Base” and the “China RV Camping Tourism Tourism Award”. Since its opening in 2018, it has been awarded the honor of “China RV Camping Tourism Demonstration Base” and “5C Class Self-driving RV Campground” (the highest level in the industry), and has received more than one million visitors, of which more than 30% are from Macau.

Yanoda Rainforest Cultural Tourism Zone

Hainan Yanoda tourism and cultural tourism area is located at 18 ° north latitude, scenic spot from Sanya city 35km, is located in the greater Sanya ecological landscape axis, within easy reach of Haitang Bay, is the “Greater Sanya Tourism Economic Circle” of the “Golden Triangle” scenic spot based on natural landscape, but also the production of 100 billion high negative oxygen ions of pure natural oxygen bar, scenic projects cover the glass viewing platform, cliff swing, devil swing, high-altitude zip line, waterfall play, ice and snow wonderland, rainforest expansion and other projects, at the same time with Yanoda Rainforest One Resort Hotel and Yanoda Na Xiang Shan Villa Hotel features accommodation, is committed to creating a composite ecological and cultural area with the original green ecology as the main tone.


Atlantis Water World

Located in Haitang Bay on the National Coast, Atlantis Water World is a water park open all year round. You can enjoy 34 water slides in the park, experience various anti-gravity water facilities, and feel the extreme adrenaline rush of sliding. The Atlantis Water World will always surprise you with its exciting and fun attractions such as “Poseidon’s Leap”, “Let’s Go” and “Cyclone Tuba”. During the nighttime opening of the water world, visitors can not only hit the water slides, but also meet thousands of Atlantis Express “ducks”, DJ performances, light shows, fireworks shows and other exciting programs, creating a happy and good time for guests of all ages.


Wuxi Nianhua Bay Scenic Area

The Zen Town – Nianhua Bay is located on the shore of Taihu Lake in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, where clouds and water meet, and on the shore of the beautiful Lingshan Mountain in the south of the Yangtze River, where Buddha’s light shines. It is a multi-dimensional resort destination in China, which is built by the Lingshan Group and includes scenic spots, theme accommodation, shopping and dining, leisure and entertainment, conference services, meditation meetings, and spiritual activities, etc. It is a place of hidden beauty, concentration, clouds and water, and weather. Advocating the “slow pace” of fashionable lifestyle, to create the most oriental cultural connotation of simple, healthy, happy oriental resort life.


Shunde Happy Coast PLUS

Shunde Happy Coast PLUS, covering an area of 3.36 square kilometers, is the largest urban cultural tourism complex in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Bay Area, a key project in Guangdong Province’s tourism industry and a national model benchmark for the integrated development of culture and tourism. The project breaks the industrial boundary, has the largest situational commercial street and island theme water park in South China, the first open theme park and immersive nature art shopping center in China, pioneering the integration of cultural tourism, commercial entertainment, leisure and ecological wetland, forming a unique “business + entertainment + culture + tourism + ecology A new business model of “business + entertainment + culture + tourism + ecology”.

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