Dragon Dream Water Pleasure World is Opening, and We Call You To Join the Most Exciting Water Carnival Party Summer!


The long-awaited Dragon Dream World of Water Pleasure is opening today! Only the hearty water carnival can relieve the sorrows and be full of vitality in the great summer solar terms that are steamed up and down.

Guangdong Dalang Water Park Equipment Co., Ltd., as the sole equipment supplier of Taihu Dragon Dream Water Play World, would like to congratulate the opening of Dragon Dream Water Play World! Business is booming!

Play Water World is a comprehensive large-scale characteristic water park combining indoor and outdoor features. The indoor pavilion is about 18,000 square meters and the outdoor is about 120,000 square meters. Its scale is second to none in East China!

There are 15+ large-scale water play projects in the park
Overturning the river, double-track roller coaster, surfing skateboard, magic flying carpet
Galloping competition, giant python slide, giant loop slide, secret exploration big water village
Waves and tsunami pools, lazy rivers, water bar pools, spa pools…

Big friends experience thrills in the park
Children can also find their own joy
Secret exploration, children’s happy water city
Beach treasure hunt, wave pool beach area…
Various types of family watering areas, waiting for cute children to check in

Yes, except you can play in the water as much as you want
The world of Dragon Dream splashing in the water, the major performing arts shows are wonderful and sultry

Gorgeous opening with cool lighting
Cool and dazzling
Psychedelic wolf
Passionate and wanton water electronic music party
Shock your little heart in minutes!
Thousands of people squatted and burned the surface!

DJ dazzles the audience
Magic fire dance ignites orgasm
Whenever night falls
Electronic music experts are restless
Just waiting to start the crazy electronic music party quickly

Follow the rhythm of the band to your heart’s content, let yourself be reckless, and release your depressed emotions at once. This is your exclusive stage.

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