DALANG GROUP | Year of the Tiger, A New Journey, Move Again!

The spring breeze welcomes our valuable guests, once they come, they will be prosperous! On February 18, 2022, the 18th day of the first month, the first working day of the New Year 2022 of DALANG Group was ushered in.

First of all, representatives of leading members of DALANG Group sent their New Year wishes to all colleagues of DALANG Group. General Manager He Yansheng pointed out that in 2022, we should put into work with more enthusiasm and pragmatic style, set task goals in response to market changes, be down-to-earth and progressive, build a sustainable development environment with stable and high quality, and provide a strong guarantee for writing a new chapter of high quality development in the new era of DALANG Group!


The families of DALANG Group returned to the embrace of DALANG family with full of spirit, and all the employees received the red envelopes prepared by the company under a lively atmosphere of colorful ribbons and laughter. The red envelope carries the company’s good wishes for the staff in the new year, hoping that they can work happily and live happily when they return to their posts!



The happy Spring Festival holiday has passed
A new journey beckons us
Let’s have a new journey in the Year of the Tiger
Hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, embark on the journey
Strive to be the first and make new achievements
Together we will continue to write a new chapter of high quality development of Dalang Group.

In the year of the tiger, a new journey, start again!

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