Water Park Development Ideas Under Normalization of the Epidemic


Guangdong DALANG Water Park Equipment Co. is a benchmark enterprise of domestic water park equipment, with more than twenty years of experience in the industry, gradually formed a one-stop service provider of water parks, including investment planning, planning and design, R & D manufacturing, installation and commissioning, material support, operation and management, and has provided product services for hundreds of water parks in China.

For more than twenty years, DALANG people have been maintaining the tireless pursuit of technology research and development, and in 2021 was recognized by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology as “Guangdong Province, advanced manufacturing research center for large water amusement special equipment”. In the epidemic continues today, DALANG people on the future development of water parks to put forward some of their own insights, for new and old customers to bring decision-making basis for the development of business.

FIRST, covid-19 epidemic brings heavy setback to tourism industry

Affected by the covid-19 epidemic, the global tourism industry data in 2020, both the number of tourists received and business income have seen a significant decline.


1. The covid-19 epidemic is a blow to the long-term rapid development of the tourism industry

According to the UNWTO’s analysis, international tourism worldwide declined by 70% in 2020, a setback of 30 years. 2021 remains a challenging year, with global international tourist arrivals from January to July down 80% compared to the same period in 2019. Although vaccination efforts and prevention measures are improving everywhere, various new variants of the virus continue to make the outbreak recurring, and the overall recovery of the tourism industry has a long way to go.


2, The water park industry, breeding hope in the difficulties

For the water park industry, although the overall data and the tourism industry as a whole synchronized with the downward trend, but the recovery ability of each water amusement market is uneven, some water parks have fully recovered or even exceeded the level before the epidemic in 2019.
On the one hand, this performance is due to the new development strategy of national internal circulation and double circulation; on the other hand, some urban water parks rely on the local market and recover rapidly due to the influence of epidemic prevention measures such as “not necessary not to leave the city” in various regions. And compared to the domestic amusement market, fully open Europe will be the first to usher in the recovery of the water park industry in the summer of 2022.


SECOND, Some Parks Remain Vibrant During the Epidemic

In the past 2021, the epidemic has always been repeated, many water park enterprises operating difficulties, but can survive in such an environment, have considerable vitality and vitality, such enterprises also represent the industry’s future development benchmark and tendency.


1, “Indoor + outdoor” model has unique advantages in terms of open season and revenue generation opportunities

The Senpo Water Park, to be completed in 2019, consists of two major parts: indoor and outdoor, covering a total area of about 30,000 square meters. The indoor part covers 9,200 square meters, with a constant temperature of 30°C all year round. Under the intermittent situation of the epidemic in 2020, it still created an industry miracle of a single month turnover of 43 million (including hotel).

To achieve such results, in addition to accurate positioning and reasonable layout, the most popular thing about Kaiyuan Senpo is the indoor constant temperature water park, which is called the tropical island in Hangzhou in winter, getting rid of the restrictions of season and weather, making the tourists’ outing time greatly extended.


2, Comprehensive scenic water park performance is increasingly strong

Taihu Dragon Dream Park in Huzhou, Zhejiang Province is a tourism complex project integrating a star hotel complex, retirement apartments, Taihu Lake Ancient Town, Grand Circus, Animal World, Ocean World, Joy World and Splash World, which has been receiving attention from the outside world since the construction started in April 2016.

The sudden outbreak of the epidemic at the end of 2019 did not stop Taihu Dragon Dream from moving forward, and the Taihu Dragon Dream Water Park officially opened on July 25, 2020 amidst much anticipation, and delivered a perfect answer of receiving more than 10,000 visitors on the opening day and nearly 300,000 people in the park in 51 days of operation. Indoor park ” Palace of sea god” showed in July in Dragon Dream, which will add another new highlight to the operations in winter.

THIRD, the road of change of water park development under the normalization of the epidemic

The impact of the epidemic on the whole economy and society is complex and far-reaching, and the background of the normalization of the epidemic requires a normalized face, as well as new ideas, new methods and new models. As the epidemic continues for a long time and touches a large area, it is possible that our consumption habits have changed quietly and unnoticeably. After more than ten years of rapid development of China’s water amusement industry, before the epidemic has been plagued by product homogenization, high labor costs, poor marketing and other problems. The occurrence of this epidemic will promote the adjustment and transformation and upgrading of the industry.


1, Scale change

The scale of the water park in recent years has shown a trend of diversification: for one thing, the water park is no longer bound to independent projects appearing on the market, but with its market high explosive power and flexible adaptability, become a comprehensive scenic spot, tourist resorts, hot spring resorts, and even city parks, commercial complexes, large communities supporting projects, such water parks ranging from a few thousand square to 20,000 square, the investment is not large, and most of the results achieved beyond expectations.

According to the industry observation of the top international theme entertainment media BLOOLOOP, large resort hotels that contain water parks, occupancy rates and the average price of a single room night are significantly better than similar hotels, at least more than 20% more than the secondary consumption of hotels without water parks; second, the proportion of indoor water parks is rising, free from the impact of climate conditions indoor water parks can operate year-round, in the open season and income generation Opportunities have unique advantages. The aforementioned Morpho water park, “Southeast Asia at home” as a promotional feature in winter can also attract a large number of tourists.


2、Market change


Family parent-child fun has become the core market of the water park, which is determined by the industry’s market demand. Through the survey found that in 2021, the water park market can be quickly recovered, relying on a large number of is the parent-child tour, under the restrictions of the epidemic, long-distance travel is difficult to achieve, the city suburban type of parent-child projects become the best choice for tourists.

Modern water parks are increasingly focused on the details of parent-child refinement, based on the traditional amusement function, the integration of fun and social scenes, and fully consider the parents’ demands, so that parents get rid of the role of “babysitter”. Wuhan Happy Valley Maya Phase III project is to “child-friendly” concept, specifically for children to build the water park, the project was launched, the market quickly became popular.

3、Product change


In the context of the epidemic, tourists travel money relatively reduced, the budget is insufficient, the choice of consumers will become more focused and targeted. This targeting will make the water park industry from the original scale era to the quality era. Many tourists who would choose high frequency and low price in the past, will compress their frequency of travel, and go after a more quality experience.

The higher requirements of tourists also promote the water park equipment manufacturers time and again technical innovation and product upgrades, Guangdong DALANG water park equipment company’s latest wave combination slide applied in Qingyuan Merrill Lake hot spring hotel supporting the water park project, this set of slides is characterized by the weight and speed of different visitors to bring different glide path and experience, a set of slides, two possibilities, visitors in unknown challenge sprint, so that the great sense of joy to stimulate tourists constantly group challenge. In addition, the latest development of the time tunnel slide contains multimedia aperture, so that visitors seem to travel through the time tunnel, can undoubtedly bring visitors a new sensory feast.


Innovation and change, looking for opportunities in the crisis of the amusement industry brought about by the epidemic, adapting to new market changes, considering both the restrictions of the epidemic prevention and control on amusement activities, and meeting people’s needs for more local amusement due to the restrictions of the epidemic prevention and control on foreign trips and trips outside the province, and launching the corresponding water amusement facilities according to people’s latest needs, I believe the water amusement industry can come out of the doldrums and get back on track as soon as possible.

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